RozDhan App Refer Code | Earn Rs.50 On Sign Up 5 Rs. On Refer

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Hello, friends, we are back with a new app through which you can earn money easily. The new app is named as RozDhan App. RozDhan app gives you Rs. 50 on sign up and Rs. 5 on refer. This app is very easy to earn Paytm cash. If you want to use this app and earn money easily then this app is best for you. Do not worry as here in this article we will give you all the details about the app on how to download, use and earn money and coins from the app. Just go through the full article and use the app with the given refer code.

Download RozDhan App And Earn Rs.25 on Sign Up And Rs.25 By Using Invite Code. Per Refer Rs.5

Roz Dhan App

What is RozDhan App?

RozDhan app is the best app to win real cash. And in this app, you have to upload a video, or a picture and earn Paytm cash as your video and picture gets more views. The more views on it the more money you earn.

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Use refer code 02E6B3 to get Rs.25.

How to Download and Install the app on your device?

This is the best app by which you can easily earn money on Sign up and refer. You also can earn money by uploading videos, or pictures. Follow the steps and download the app now.

Get Rs.25 On Sign Up

  • First of all download the app from the given link.


  • Now, install the app and open it.
  • Choose your preferred language
    Roz Dhan App
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP
    Roz Dhan App
  • Once you have finished this you will get Rs.25 as a Sign-Up bonus. (You can see in the proof in the picture below) (In the picture you see Rs.50 as I have used my friend’s invite code)

Roz Dhan App

When you Login for the first time you will get Rs. 25. And after you enter a friend’s invite code you will get another Rs.25.  So, this is how you total get Rs. 50.

NOTE: After you sign up do not forget to enter the Invite code 02E6B3. Even for entering the Invite code you will get Rs. 25 and your friend whose invite code you use will get Rs.5.

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How to Refer And Earn?

Yes, you can earn money by referring your friends also. We will give you step by step guide to refer your friends and earn money. Follow the given steps.

  • First of all open the app
  • At the right bottom side click on the last icon
    Roz Dhan App
  • It will open the page as shown
  • There click on Invite
  • Now, change the option to Invite friends
  • At the end of the page, you can see Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS and More.
  • Share it your friends with an app of your choice.

When you Sign up you will get an option of Add Invite Code. There enter the Code:


When you enter the code you will get coins which will turn in to Money after 24 hours. SO do not forget to enter this code. And share your code with your friends.

How to Get More Coins To Get it converted to Rupees?

The coins which you will get will be converted to Rupees on next day. So, how can you get more coins? Follow the steps and get more coins to get real money.

Method 1: Add Invite Code to get coins

The first method is to add Invite code 02E6B3 and get 1250 coins. After you sign up you will get an option of Add Invite code there just enter this code and get 1250 coins which will be your real money after 24 hours.

Method 2: Fill in the basic information and get Coins

Yes, just fill in your Name, Description, Birthday, Gender, Education, and Profile picture. Once you fill in the details you will get coins.

Click on the Profile name as shown in the picture.

Fill in all the details and these coins will be converted to Rupees in 24 hours.

Method 3: Get 20 and more coins every day by Check In

You can also get every day free coins by just one click. Follow the steps to get coins easily:

  • First, open the app
  • Go to the main page
  • Click on Check-In

  • Now, there you will see 1day 20, 2day 25, etc. As shown in the picture.
  • Everyday click on that one by one you will get coins. The first day you will get 20, the second day 25, then 30, and carry on.

How Withdraw the cash from the app?

Yes, you can withdraw the cash but there should be a minimum of Rs.200 in your wallet. And money will be added to your account in 2-3 days. If you are transferring 200 to your Paytm or Bank you will get Rs.180 after cutting TDS (Tax Deducted Source). They charge 10% of TDS.

  • Open the app and go to the main page.
  • You will see the option of Withdraw, Record, and Income.
  • Click on Withdraw
    Roz Dhan App
  • Click on To Paytm Account.
  • Enter your Name, Registered Mobile Number and Phone number
  • Tap on confirm
  • It will ask you, really want to cash out on this number.
  • If the number is correct confirm it and you will get your money in Paytm in 24 hours.

Upload Videos And Photos On RozDhan App and Earn

Yes, you also can upload videos and photos on the app and earn coins which will give you money. You can upload videos in different categories like,

  • Funny,
  • Weird, 
  • Celebs, 
  • Health
  • Fashion

Follow the steps to upload videos and photos:

  • Open the app
  • At the bottom in left corner click on the icon of video

  • On that page, you will see + icon
  • Click on it
  • You will get options for Upload videos, photos, and much more.
  • If you want to upload video, click on video or photo as your choice.

The more your videos and photos get popular the more you get coins.

NOTE: To get higher rewards you need to be active on this app more. 

Check Out The Video Tutorial

F.A.Q About Roz Dhan App

What Does the Coin mean in this App?

In Roz Dhan app, you can earn coins every day. These coins will be automatically converted to Rupees the next day. And that money will be shown in the account once the coins are converted.

How Many Coins is equal to rupee?

Normally, it changes but as of now 1 rupee is equal to 250 coins.

Can You Get your Money?

Yes, you can get your money in your Paytm account or in your Bank Account within 24hours.

Everyone is eligible to get the reward?

Almost all get a reward but mostly, the users who are more active on the app are targeted for getting higher rewards.


At last, I would like to tell you that this is one of the best apps as far as I know. You can easily earn money by just referring friends. Upload videos or photos and fill details get coins and money. Don’t you think this is the easiest way to earn money? Once use this app you will love it. Check out all the details of the app on how to earn, refer, and use the app Roz Dhan.

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