Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

What is Gamesapp? How to download Gamesapp? Play Games and earn money on Gamesapp. How to win real cash by playing games? 

Hello, everyone we are back with a new article by which you can easily earn real money. Gamesapp is the latest gaming app where the user connects with people around the world and play games. Apart from this app, there are so many other apps available on the website SOLUTION BLOGGER from which you can easily earn money. Few of the apps give you money for referring the apps to other friends. There are apps from which you can directly withdraw the refer amount, but there are few apps which do not allow you to withdraw refer amount directly. You need to use the refer amount to play games and win then only you can withdraw money.

Today, in this article, we are going to talk about a new gaming app called Gamesapp. Check out all the details of the app and download it to earn real cash.


Gamesapp is a social gaming platform where users can connect with friends and people around the world and play their choice of games. You can play different types of games like Fruit King, Pool, Fantasy, and Knife Knight. Play games and earn money. Sign up, you get Rs.10 as a bonus. And you can add money if you want.

Now, check out all the details of the Gamesapp.

How To Download And Install Gamesapp?

Follow the given steps and download the game on your device.

  • First of all download the Gamesapp from the given link


  • Once the app is downloaded, Install it

  • Open the app
  • If it will show “Alert” option, Debugging Mode Detected. (Shown in image below)

  • To solve this, you need to Turn OFF Developer Mode. Go to Settings, scroll down and search for Developer option, Turn it off.

Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • Once this error is solved, your app is ready to use
  • It will ask to Login with mobile

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • Enter your mobile number and click on continue

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • Verify it with OTP

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • You have earned Rs.10
  • Tap on Let’s do it

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • Pick a picture for your profile from the given emojis or can upload your own picture
  • Add an image, and you will earn 5 tokens

  • Enter your Name and earn 5 tokens

  • Enter Email ID and earn 5 tokens

  • Select your gender and earn 5 tokens

  • That’s it!

Gamesapp is ready to use.

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How To Play Games And Win on  Gamesapp?

As we have explained to you how to get started with the app. You have downloaded the app and is ready to use. Open the app, and you will see different apps on the homepage.

Follow the steps and start playing games to earn money.

  • Open the app and click on Home

  • There you will see games like Knife Knight, Fruit King, Pool, and Fantasy
  • Click on any 1 game

  • You can see the list which shows the battle name and entry fee and winning prize
  • Click on any one battle, for example, here I have selected the first one which has entry fee Rs.3
  • The page shown in the image below is shown

  • Read the rules of the battle
  • You can play only once
  • From the winning prize of Rs.10,000 and above 31.2% tax will be deducted.

This is how you can play games by paying fees. If you want to play games for free, then you can choose to practise mode which won’t give you any prize money. You can just practice the game.

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Different Types Of Games Available

On Gamesapp as of now, there are four games available. Maybe in future, the developer can add more games.

List of games available on Gamesapp:

  • Knife Knight
  • Fruit King
  • Pool
  • Fantasy

How To Earn Tokens To Play Games?

Method 1: Sign Up and Get 15 Tokens

When you download the app and Sign up, it will ask you to enter Name, number and gender at that time you earn 5 tokens for each. Likewise, you get 15 tokens while you Sign Up.

Method 2: Add money and earn Tokens

You can use money from the Wallet and add tokens to the Wallet. You can add 50, 100, 200, and 500 tokens.

  • Open the app
  • Click on Add which is in the centre of the screen

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • There you can see two options Add money and Add Token
  • Click on Add token

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • Choose how many tokens you want to add
  • Choose the option to pay money from Wallet or other payments
  • Now, click on Proceed to add money

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How To Withdraw The Money?

As you play games on the app, you will earn money. In this game, there is only one option to withdraw that is Bank UPI. You cannot withdraw money to Pay tm.

Follow the steps to withdraw money from Gamesapp.

  • Open the app and click on Profile which is at the top right corner

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • You can see three options Winning amount, Cash Deposited, and Tokens rewarded

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • Click on Withdraw which is beside winning amount

    Gamesapp Loot Get Rs.10 On Sign Up | Download Link

  • Enter the amount
  • Make sure you have added your bank account
  • If not add bank account before withdrawing money
  • Then click on confirm to withdraw


So, this is all about Gamesapp. Easily earn real money and transfer it directly to your bank account. There are so many other apps available on our website by which you can earn real cash. For more and latest updates stay tuned to us.

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