How to | Win Loco Quiz | Hack Loco quiz | Loco quiz Answers.

How you can win Loco Quiz all the time? Answers to Loco quiz? How you can answer all Loco Quiz questions? How to hack Loco Quiz? The trick to win Loco Quiz? If you need an answer to any question from all these? Then read the below post and get to know the trick for Loco quiz. All these tricks are 100% working you do not have to worry about it. You just need things which are required and you are good to go. All tips and tricks are for the Educational purpose and we are just teaching you, How you can Get answers for Loco Quiz? So let’s start.

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How to Win Loco Quiz Everytime || Hack Loco Quiz Answers.

How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers

Loco Quiz is the very addictive game which is in trend nowadays. You can win free Paytm cash from it and you are gaining a lot of knowledge from it at the same time. How it works? Almost every one of you must be knowing but still, we will explain it with quiz steps.

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How to Win Paytm Cash Daily By Answering Loco Quiz Questions?

  • Download Loco App from here.
  • Sign up / Register with your Name and Mobile Number.
  • Choose Username of your Choice.
  • If you need one free life than use our Referral code it is >>> Nilofarhan <<<.
  • From this, You will get one Extra life as well as we will get one.
  • Now you will see there will be the wait time for Next Show / Next Quiz.
  • Once Quiz Starts / Show Starts You will get 10 Questions.
  • If you answer all 10 Questions. Then only you will get free paytm cash.
  • The Winning amount will be different all the time.
  • Winning Amount Is depending on How many users win the Quiz.
  • Once you win the quiz you will get your winning amount into your Paytm wallet.
  • If you give one answer wrong then you can use your life to continue.
  • Note- You can not use your life at question 10.
  • So it was all about Loco.

4 Best Way to Win Loco Quiz All Time

We have found Three best ways in that you will get information about how you can win Loco quiz all time. These three ways are working 100%. It is very simple we can say that it is kind of hack to win Loco quiz. So let’s check out all three ways one by one.

How to Win Loco Quiz with the Help of Google?

Required things-

  1. Laptop / Smart-Phone.
  2. Good Internet Connection.
  3. You are Good to Go.

SO if you have Required stuff than you are ready to try this first trick to get all Loco Trivia Quiz answers. The first trick is very basic and simple but this is the best trick which works all time. You just have to be quick to use this trick.

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Follow below steps to make it work for you.

How to do it with Laptop?

How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Your laptop must support google voice search.
  3. Go to Google Voice Search.
  4. When Ancor ask the Question just take your Phone close to the laptop.
  5. Google Voice will Recognize the Question.
  6. You will get Your Answer.
  7. This is the very Basic trick but it works very fine.
  8. Must try this trick and if it works Do not forget to Share it with everyone.

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How to Do it with Smart-Phone?

How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers

  1. Open Loco Game.
  2. Wait for the First Question.
  3. Turn On the Google Assitant by pressing Home Button.
  4. This only works in Good Android Smart-Phones.
  5. You will find Whats On My Screen?
  6. Google will Search for it.
  7. You will have to be very quick to switch app and give the answer.
  8. Else you can use two smart-phone to make it work for you.
  9. So it was All let’s move to next trick.

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Get Live answers to All Loco Quiz Questions?

With This trick, you will Receive Answers as Real-time notification. But there is one issue with this trick. You will only get 80%-90% Accuracy rate of Answers. Still, Something is better than nothing. We Have some suggestion with that you can make that 80%-90% Accuracy to 100% accurate for you.

  • You can use two or More Smartphone. SO when you feel that this one is the wrong answer then you can go for other two in the different smartphone.
  • Keep at least one life. So when you will get the First answer wrong your life will bring you back into the game.
  • This was the Basic suggestions and tips by us. For this trick so let’s check out the trick.

Required things-

  • Smart-Phone (Android only).
  • Download This App. Here

Steps for The trick.

  • You just have to open the Answers to Loco app before quiz start.
  • How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers
  • When there will be one minute left you will see Start Playing.

How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers

  • Once you click on it you will go to the Loco App.
  • As soon as questions will come onto the Screen. You will receive the answer as notification.
  • Do not Forget that All Answers are not Correct.
  • It was all done So Must share this trick do not forget to check our blog. It is

How to hack Loco with the help of Python Script?

How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers

So we have Found one Script on GitHub. But it is so complicated you can understand it only if you are a programmer. But we have tried to simplify a bit and we will upload it here and we also make one video. So in that video, you can understand how to use it. So this script works perfect but you still have to use your own sense to make it work. We are giving it away for free so in exchange, you can share our blog with your friends too. Do not forget that if you have any kind of query you can comment it down we will write solution for it and we will give credits too. So let’s check this script first.

Required things-

  • Laptop.
  • Smart-Phone.
  • Python 2.7 Download link.
  • Download Required Packages.(requests, PIL, pyautogui, googleapiclient)
  • Script Link.
  • Google API and CSE ID(Custom Search Engine ID)
  • Cable to Connect Laptop to Your Smart-Phone.
  • Any Screen Cast app. (We are using Vysor to do it.)
  • YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY – Google cloud API key
  • GOOGLE_SEARCH_ENGINE_ID – Custom search engine id

So once you got all required things let’s check out how you can get all Loco Quiz answer with Python Script. In this script, you need be smart to set Image Dimensions else you will get errors. For any queries just comment below we will help you out with your problems.

Steps to make this trick work:

  1. Get Required Things
  2. Launch Python script. Download From here.
  3. Connect Your Phone to Laptop and Cast it via any app.
  4. We are using Vysor app link to Vysor. For PC Link for Phone Link.
  5. Once you have Cast Your Screen set the Dimensions. And Necessary setups in the script.
  6. Check Out how to do it on video Link.
  7. Once Everything has settled up wait for the quiz.
  8. Once Loco Quiz starts to run the script.
  9. As soon as you see Questions Press Enter.
  10. It will Capture the Screen and crop it.
    QuestionHow to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers
    1How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers 2How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers3 How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers
  11. You will get the best-suggested answer.How to || Win Loco Quiz || Hack Loco quiz || Loco quiz Answers
  12. Boom You are done Check Video For more and do not forget to Subscribe Our Channel.

Tutorial Video:

Win LOCO, Brainbaazi, and all other trivia games.

This is the full tutorial of how to setup Python Script. Check out the full video if you get any issue let me know by commenting. This is 100% working legit method for any Trivia game. so let’s check it out here.

Full Tutorial Video:

Required file:

1: Download Link

2: Text us on WhatsApp to get the password.

Whatsapp Profile LINK

3. Please help us to grow our Site and channel you can do that via share and subscribe us.

Steps to get the password:

  • Share Video link an article link on your facebook wall.
  • Share Video link in any 3 WhatsApp group.
  • Subscribe to my channel.
  • Once you are done send me Screenshots of it. and Link to the Facebook profile.
  • NOTE: If you will do cheating next time I will not share any tricks or tips with you.

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Tutorial Video


So this is how you can win Loco Quiz Easily. For any issues let us know by commenting or Join our facebook group. So you can stay in contact with We Blog about All kind of Tech Solutions. Only Genuine working tricks nothing fake and no scams. In this post, you got to know about Loco quiz hack. How you can get answers for loco and win free paytm cash. If you want to know how you can make more paytm cash must check this post. Earn Free Paytm Cash. Also, check out our other videos and do not forget to Bookmark our site with just cntrl+D. You can Bookmark our website.

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