Inpage Free Download for Windows | 2008,2009 to 2020 | Urdu

Inpage Free Download? How to Download Inpage for free? Download Inpage for free? How to download and Install Inpage on Windows OS? Latest Version of Inpage? Inpage Urdu version Download? Free Download Inpage? Inpage 2009, Inpage 2010, Inpage2011, Inpage 2012, Inpage 2013, Inpage 2014, Inpage 2015, Inpage 2016, Inpage 2017 and Inpage 2018. How to download Inpage Urdu Software? Direct Download Link for Inpage Urdu?

Inpage Free Download for Windows | 2008,2009 to 2018 | Urdu

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All Details about Inpage || Inpage Free Download all versions

Download Inpage all versions for free. You will get all versions of Inpage for Free. Just go through the post and all the details you will get easier. How to download Inpage Urdu? How to Install and use Urdu Inpage? The installation and Usage are almost the same for all versions. We recommend you to use the latest version but if you do not need any complication then use the Inpage 2009 version.

What is Inpage Urdu?

Let us check all details about Inpage. We hope that you already know Inpage is a tool that provides us to write Urdu. This is the best tool that you can use to write Urdu.

Inpage Free Download for Windows | 2008,2009 to 2018 | Urdu

More about Inpage, It is the most famous tool to write Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Pashto, and other languages. So more about Inpage we will check how to download Inpage, How to install Inpage and what are the best usage and advantages of Inpage so without skipping please check the whole article.

Description (Inpage Urdu):

Everyone is familiar with Microsoft Word and Notepad, Wordpad but almost no one knows the tools which are very useful to write some other languages. We can Write Urdu, Hindi, Arabic in Microsoft Word by just adding font but what if we get a special tool for it. Yup the Inpage is the tool that will help you to write Hindi, Urdu, Sindhi, Hazargi, Kashmiri, Kurdish, Pashto, Persian & more other languages. The best part you can get this tool for free from here only. So do not forget to visit SolutionBlogger next time when you have any tech issues. If your issue is not posted then do not worry just post your query on our Solution tab.

Best Features of Inpage:

So below you can check all Features of Inpage. These are the real features of Inpage which you will find in all versions of Inpage. To download Inpage Please check below we have listed all versions of Inpage.

Inpage Free Download for Windows | 2008,2009 to 2018 | Urdu

  • Inpage Supports multiple languages.
  • You do not have to install any font for some languages.
  • Simple UI (User Interface).
  • You can Write Hindi in Inpage.
  • You can write Urdu in Inpage.
  • With the use of Inpage, you can Write in many native languages.
  • It is Free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Small in size.
  • Faster than other editors’ tools.
  • Simple compared to other editors’ tools.
  • You can insert images in Inpage.
  • You can include Unicode in Inpage.
  • Built-in Theme for Poetry writing.
  • Supported in all Windows versions.

Advantages of Inpage:

The best advantages of Inpage over other tools are few but all the advantages make sense. Inpage is a lightweight software. It has a simple interface so anyone can use it easily. Inpage supports multiple languages. It is having multiple themes for a different kind of writing. Inpage is simple so anyone can understand it and use it easily. Best it is free. Inpage is free so you can download Inpage for free.

How to Download Inpage for Free? | Inpage Free Download

We have made list where all Inpage versions that can download. From 2009 to 2018 all versions are available to download. You are just one click away from downloading Inpage Urdu for free. If you face any issues please comment below. Not only download how to use it also we have included.

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Inpage Free Download Links for All Versions

Inpage Free Download 2008:

Here is the link for Inpage Urdu 2008. Just click on the given link and your download will be started soon. Note that if you find any issues then please reach us and let us know what issues you are facing. We will check that issue and fix it as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions then please send us via email or on Whatsapp.

Download Inpage 2008 Free

Inpage Free Download 2009:

Download Inpage free 2009 link is here. You are just one click away to download Inpage Urdu 2009 free version. There is no survey to download this version. You just have to click on this link and you are done. Wait for 5 seconds and boom your download has started.

Download Inpage 2009 Free

Inpage Free Download 2010:

Inpage 2010 version is here for you to download for free. All links are working properly but still if you face any issues report us by commenting below.

Download Inpage 2010 Free

Inpage Free Download 2011:

Free download Inpage 2011 link is here. Check below the download link and you can download it for free. Must note that if you face any issues let us know by commenting below.

Download Inpage 2011 Free

Inpage Free Download 2012:

Inpage 2012 has got some new features so if you want to update your Inpage then you should try this version. The download link is below and it is free like always. Just one click and your download will get started. Download Free Inpage 2012 link is here.

Download Inpage 2012 Free

Inpage Free Download 2013:

After 2012 Inpage the most waited version is Inpage 2013 as We all know they have added more features in the 2012 version so all are waiting for more new features to be added in the 2013 version so here is the download link for Inpage 2013 version.

Download Inpage 2013 Free

Inpage Free Download 2014:

The Stable version of all time of Inpage is 2014. You can download it here. You are one click away to download Inpage 2014 version. So here you can download Inpage free 2014.

Download Inpage 2014 Free

Inpage Free Download 2015:

Best version after 2014 is 2015 Inpage. Now it supports more languages and you can download it for free from here only. Just click on the below link and your download will get started.

Download Inpage 2015 Free

Inpage Free Download 2016:

Download Inpage free 2016 version link is below. Just click on the link and your download will get started. If your download is not started yet please let us know what issues you are facing. By commenting below or email us.

Download Inpage 2016 Free

Inpage Free Download 2017:

Best choice by us if you are looking for Inpage best stable version with all features then you should go for 2017. It is having all features. This is the stable version and no lags at all. So the download link is here just click on it. Boom Your download will get a start soon.

Download Inpage 2017 Free

Inpage Free Download 2018:

Latest Version Inpage Download link is here. Download Inpage Free 2018 is just here for you to download. Best Link to download is given below. One-click and your download will get started. After downloading Inpage 2018 check how to install and use which is given below only.

Download Inpage 2018 Free

Inpage Free Download 2019:

In the latest version of Inpage, there are many new features available. So if you want to download the latest version of it check out the below link and you are good to go.

Download Inpage 2019 Free

Inpage Free Download 2020:

Finally, Inpage 2020 is here, Now you can download and use Inpage 2020 from the link given below. For the latest updates stay tuned with our website and do not forget to share it with others,

Download Inpage 2020 Free

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How to Install Inpage on Windows?

After the success full of download follow the below-given steps to install Inpage. For all versions, the procedure is the same so follow the same for all versions.

Inpage Free Download for Windows | 2008,2009 to 2018 | Urdu

Like all other software, you will get one.EXE file just open it and if ask for permission and give it.
Once you have completed all the steps it will ask you for product key if you have purchased one then enter or just use the free version.
At last, it will ask you to restart your computer we recommend you to do that so all changes get saved properly.

Inpage Free Download for Windows | 2008,2009 to 2018 | Urdu

Once everything is done you will see the icon with the use of that you can launch your Inpage. Your installation is done now just check how to use Inpage to Write any languages like Urdu, Hindi and etc.

How to Use Inpage?

Inpage is easy to use tool to write Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and many languages. It is simple software like Notepad or WordPad. Just open Inpage and create the new file. You can also set keyboard type and other stuff. Once you created a new file you can start writing your stuff. You have to select page size, margin, column, and other stuff.

Inpage Free Download for Windows | 2008,2009 to 2018 | Urdu


If you are writing in Urdu or Arabic you will find that you will start writing from the left side, not from the right. As these languages are started writing from left to right. The font size you can change and the writing is depending on your setup. So check keyboard setting and you are done.

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You have to create your own User define keyboard if you want your character to be placed by your choice. It will be the manual setup of the keyboard in which you can set up all words or character by own for your self.  So if you have a lot of writing work then we prefer you to create your own user define keyboard so your typing speed will get increased.

After all this, you can save your work and you can also edit the saved files. You can open that files through Inpage or you can write click on the file and click on open with Inpage.

Inpage Alternatives?

If you are not satisfied with Inpage than you can go for any Inpage alternative. All alternative is listed below is almost the same in use. But we still prefer you to use Inpage only as it has its own benefits and advantages.

  • Scribus

  • Adobe Indesign


  • iBooks Author by apple

  • Adobe Frame Maker

  • Print Artist

  • Quark Xpress

  • Microsoft Publisher


In Conclusion, we would like to say that if you are looking for a better tool to write in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi or other native languages. So we prefer you to use Inpage only. As you can use Inpage for free. You can Download Inpage for Free. We have provided all versions of Inpage free Download. From 2008 to the latest we are giving you to download without any paid service. All download links are working if you face any error then just comment below or contact us. You can contact us in various ways. All will be found on Our website only. So stay tuned with us and seek for best Solution only on the Solutionblogger.

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