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What is Lopscoop App? How to use LopScoop App? Earn money from Lopscoop App. What are the Different Ways to earn money from Lopscoop App? Unlimited tricks to earn free Paytm cash. Lopscoop refer and earn money. Trick to earn unlimited from Lopscoop App. 

Hello, everyone, today we are here with a new app which is named Lopscoop App. Lopscoop app gives you real money, yes, you heard it right. You can get real money from Lopscoop App. You just need to download the app, finish sign up process and refer it to your friends. Read news, share it and earn points which later gets converted to money. There are so many apps available on the internet and we also have provided many apps which gives you real money. Nowadays, it is very easy to earn money from these types of apps. So, what are you waiting for? hurry up and get all the details of this app and start earning money.

Lopscoop App Referral Code |Download APK| Get Rs.10 per Refer

About Lopscoop App

Lopscoop app is the most popular app to earn money easily. It is a new type of news app. Lopscoop is a lol community to read, post, share, save photos, GIFs, funny videos, and much more. It provides you trending Hindi news, latest Tamil news and breaking news in India. More than 5,000,000 Indian users are using Lopscoop to read the latest news India and breaking news today.

Lopscoop App is easily available on Play Store. Just download the app and refer it to your friends, once they download and use your refer code you will get Rs. 10 in your Wallet. Also, the coins are converted to money. So, let us check out the details of the app.

How to Download LopScoop App?

Download the app and start earning money. Follow the given steps to download the app.

  • First, download the app from the given link


  • Once it is downloaded install it
  • Agree with the policy and continue
    LopScoop App
  • Allow the permission
  • Now Sign up
  • Sign up with your phone number and verify it

That’s it! your account has been created on Lopscoop app.

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Lopscoop APK Download.

So, if you want to download the Lopscoop APK then here is the link.


How to Earn Unlimited Coins?

There are different ways to earn coins in the Lopscoop app. You will earn Rs.10 per refer and you will also get money from these coins. So, the more you have coins the more money you get. So, check out how you can get more coins which will give you more money.

Method 1: Daily Check-In

Yes, open the app and check-in daily to get coins.

  • Open the app and go to the task which is at the right bottom
  • There first you will see Check-In option, click on it
  • The page will be seen as shown in the picture

  • Click on Check-in and you will get 100 coins on day 1

Likewise, everyday you will get some coins when you check-in. You can see in the picture how many coins you will get every day.

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Method 2: Complete the Newbie Task

In this method, you need to complete some tasks in order to get coins. We will show you what you need to do to earn coins. Follow the given steps.

  • First, complete the profile like fill up your information and get 500 coins
  • Read any content and get up to 50 coins
  • Join the apps Facebook page and get 100 coins
  • Enter the Referral code and get 1000 coins ( the invite/referral code is CAUZ5183670)
  • Link your Email ID and get 200 coins
  • Select categories and get 500 coins
  • Share the content and get up to 50 coins
  • Refer to unlimited friends

Method 3: Share income and get 20 coins every day

  • Open the app and go to task section
  • Scroll down the page
  • Click on Share Income and get 10 coins.

Method 4: Refer your friends and get 1000 coins per refer

Every day you can refer the app to thousands of your friends and get 1000 coins per refer.

How to Enter the Invite/Referral Code?

Now, this is the main thing you need to do to get coins and money. Download the app and enter the invite code which is given below. Follow the steps to enter the Invite code or referral code.

  • Open the app and go to task section
  • Click on Newbie task
  • There in the list, you will see Enter Referral Code
  • Click on it
  • Enter the Code

Refer Code: CAUZ5183670

  • Once you enter the code you will get 1000 coins in your account

How To Refer and Earn Rs.10 Per Refer?

For each refer you will get Rs.10. Make sure your friend downloads the app and enter your refer code. And tell them to be active on the app. Read news, share articles, watch videos, and much more things can be done. Follow the given steps to refer your friends.

  • Open the app and click on MY option
  • There you will see REFER FRIENDS option
  • Click on that
  • Copy the Refer Code and click on Refer Friends
  • Send the link via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or any app
  • Tell them to open the link and click on the download
  • It will take them to Play store
  • Download the app
  • They need to enter your Refer Code in the Refer code section

NOTE: Enter the refer code in the refer code section to get all the rewards. As your friends download the app and enter your invite code, you will get Rs.10.  To get confirm earning, you need to be active on the app for at least 3 days. 

Redeem Money In Paytm Wallet

To redeem the earnings in your Paytm wallet first you need to enter the Paytm number. Follow the steps to Bind your Paytm Number and then redeem the Money to your Paytm Wallet.

  • First, open the app and Go to MY section
  • Click on Instant money/ INR
  • There you will see the option Bind or change your Paytm account
  • Tap on it
  • Enter your Paytm number and click on Bind Now
  • Now, enter the amount which you want to Withdraw
  • Then click on Withdraw.
You will get money in 3 working days after you withdraw. You can only Withdraw the Money in Paytm wallet as of now, there is no other option.

How To Withdraw Money from Lopscoop?

You can only apply for one withdrawal at a time. Once you get the money of your last withdrawal, then you can apply for next.

The Instant Money can also be withdrawn anytime. “Instant Money” is the money which you get from some events and that money are saved in Instant money.

  • Open the app and go to MY
  • Click on Instant Money or INR option
  • Enter the amount
  • Click on Withdraw

Check Account Record of Coins And INR

You can check the record of coins and money how you got it.

  • Go to My Section and click on
  • Account Record
  • There you will see the record of your coins and INR

By this, you can understand, how many coins you got for each purpose.

Win Cash From The Events

  • From this Events you can earn Rs.20 per refer.
  • Open the app and click on the EVENTS
  • There you will see options Invite Via Facebook, Whatsapp, or Copy link and share it
  • Get a chance to win Spin the Lucky Wheel and can also get Cash Bonus.
  • Spin the wheel and get cash in your Instant Money account
  • You get 18 free chances to spin the wheel
  • Get Chances For Lucky Wheel
  • Click on the Purple button to get chances. Tap on the button watch video and get a chance.

Read all the rules on the Event page you will understand what to do.

Withdrawal Rules

In a day you can redeem only once.

Everyday you have a chance to withdraw the money according to your reading time. If not you need to wait till you have Rs.10,000 or Rs. 20,000 in your wallet.

Some of the rules for withdraw are:

  • If you read for 5 Mins then you can withdraw Rs. 5
  • Your reading time should be more, then only you can withdraw money.

Alternative of LopScoop

1. Rozdhan App

Have you tried this app? If no, then you must try it out once. RozDhan App and Lopscoop app both are similar. Both the apps gives you coins to read and share the news contents. You get coins for Check-in, inviting friends, and then the coins are converted to money. Same thing is done in both the apps. I have personally used Rozdhan app and it has given me good amount of money. And I hope the same thing happens in Lopscoop also.

FAQs Of Lopscoop

1. What is Lopscoop?

Lopscoop is a new type of news app featuring win-win relations between platform and users. It has all the content in which you are interested. Provides every important news at home and abroad, celebrity gossip, sports event, funny quotes, health tips, etc.

2. Why do I Get reward for Reading News?

When you read any news on Lopscoop, it will give you some peas (coins) which are later converted to cash.

3. Why to Invite Friends?

You will get benefits of not only inviting friends but also of their daily reading. Reading habits make money on this app with your friend.

4. How To Make Money Here?

Make money by reading and sharing news, invite friends, and earn coins. These coins will later be converted to money.

5. Which is the fastest the way to earn coins?

“Inviting friends” is the fastest way to earn coins! You can invite your friends via WhatsApp and Facebook to LopScoop which gives you 1000 coins for the first 2 invitation. There’s no ceiling for the number of friends and since you’ll get the ‘Tribute’ bonus from your friends who are active on the app, the more friends you invite, the much you’ll earn. You can even make money for doing nothing with enough friends.

6. Where to check the details of Earning?

You can check the details of your coins and INR in “Account Record” section. It is on “MY” page.

7. How long will it take to receive the money?

Within 3 working days, you will get the money which you have transferred from the Lopscoop wallet. Money will be paid directly to your Paytm Wallet.

8. Does conversion rate changes?

Yes, the conversion rate is not fixed so it might change every day. The more your app works the more you get to benefit from it. So get more friends on this app and make it popular.

9. What’re Peas?

In simple words, we can say that Peas are nothing but coins. These peas/ coins are later converted to cash.

10. How to convert Peas to Money?

You can manually convert these Peas to money anytime. Go to MY page and click on coins and then click on convert. To convert the coins you need to have at least 100 coins. The amount of coins and rupees will sync in 10 to 20 minutes after you convert the coins.

11. Check-In Bonus

Daily check-in bonus is for all the users. In a week you can get 580 peas/coins if you check-in daily. The more you check-in on end the more you earn. The cycle will restart from day 1 if you fail to check even for 1 day.

12. How to Withdraw?

You need to link your Paytm account to Lopscoop account. Make sure you enter the correct Paytm number. Then you can withdraw the “INR” from My page. You will get money in 3 working days after you withdraw the money from the account. As of now only Paytm is the way to withdraw money.

13. Can I Withdraw Multiple times in Succession?

No, you can only apply for one withdrawal at a time. Once you receive the money of the last request then only go for next.

14. What is Instant Money?

It is the money which you get from some events which will come in your Instant money account. You can withdraw this amount anytime.


One of the best app to earn money easily. It is helpful as you will get the latest news, and you will read, share then you will get money. Isn’t the easy way to earn money? Refer it to your friends, read content, share it and earn money. Just use this app once, you will love it. Check out all the details of the app in the article and start earning money.

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