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Mall91 Money91 App. What is the Money91 App? How to Use Money91 App? Order Product at Rs.1. Get Rs.3 per refer. Refer and earn through Mall91 App. Buy Products at cheap price on Money91 Mall91 App. 

Hello, everyone and welcome back to Solutionblogger.com. Today we are going to discuss the app from which you can earn by referring your friends and you can buy products at cheap rates. Yes, this app is a little bit different as you can buy the products which you want. On this app, you get Sign Up Bonus of Rs.3, per refer Rs.3 and there are MPOINTS which are important if you want to buy anything. The more you have mpoints the more discount you get. You can also get the product at just Rs.1. So, what are you waiting for? Check out all the details below.

Download Mall91 Money91 App And Order Products At Just Rs.1 & Get Instant Paytm Cash

About Mall91 Money91 App.

Money91 app is an app where you can buy products, play games and earn money. You can buy whatever you want as there are things like, bands, house groceries, clothes, Jewelry, and many more things.

In the app, there is an offer to refer and earn. And also there are Mpoints available which are very useful when you buy anything from Mall91. Once you Login and enter our refer code TW3XP  you will get Rs.3 and once you fill up your profile you get 10 Mpoints. And when you refer it to your friends and they download it from your link and enter your refer code you will get Rs.6 and 20Mpoints. These Mpoints are important if you want to buy your products at Rs.1 or if you want a discount.

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We will discuss all the details below. Check out the full post.

How to Download Mall91 Money91 App?

Follow the steps to download the app on your smartphone.

  • First of all, download the app from the given link or go to play store


  • Install the app once it is downloaded
  • Then open the App
  • Select the Language Hindi or any (English is not available)
  • Enter your Phone number
  • Verify it with OTP
  • You are done. You can see Rs.3 Sign Up Bonus

As you got Rs.3 as Sign Up Bonus now fill up the profile and get Mpoints. If you want you can withdraw these Rs.3 in your Paytm wallet.

Fill Up Profile Details to Earn free MPoints

Follow the step by step guide to get Mpoints.

  • Open the app
  • On the home page click on the first option as shown in the picture
  • Now, enter your first name, last name, Date of birth, Profile Picture
  • And there only you will see option of entering REFER CODE
  • There enter code TW3XP 
  • Now click on OK
  • Go back to the home page and refresh it
  • You will get 10Mpoints

If you want referral bonus then you need to enter this Refer code.

Likewise, as you refer your friends and they use your refer code you will get Rs.6 and 20MPoints. These MPoints are so important to buy products at Rs.1.

How To Refer And Earn Money and MPoints?

  • Open the app and on the homepage itself you will see your refer code
  • Beside the referral code you can see the sharing option
  • Click on it and share with your friends on any social media app


  • Open the app and go to MENU
  • Click on referral
  • You will see your refer code
  • Besides that, you can see a sharing option
  • Share the app with your friends.

NOTE: Per refer you will get Rs.6 and 20 MPoints.

Here you can see in my profile first there was Rs.3, as I got 1 referral I got Rs.6, so now, the total is Rs.9. And also got 20Mpoints.

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How To Buy Products At Rs.1 on Mall91?

You might be thinking about how can you buy any product at just Rs.1, but yes, it is possible in Mall91. Download the app from the given link, enter the refer code, fill in the profile details.

The main thing which you need to get the products at Rs.1 is MPOINTS. Yes, Mpoints are important if you want more discount on any product. As you fill details of Profile you get 20 Mpoints, then you need to refer the app to your friends to get more Mpoints. Per refer you will get 20Moints and Rs.3 cash. The more Mpoints you have the less money you need to pay.

Now, let us see how you can use these Mpoints to buy any product.

  • Open the app, as of now my profile has 10Mpoints
  • Go To Mall91 which is at the bottom
  • Choose any product
  • And click on MY Price
  • You can see in the picture, the belt is of Rs.172 now is of Rs.139
  • In 10 points, Rs.33 got less
  • Likewise, if you have more Mpoints, the price will decrease more

This is how you can get any product at Rs.1.

How to Withdraw Money from Money91 App?

You will get a Bonus of Rs. 3 on Sign Up and when you refer you will get Rs.6. So, all this money you can withdraw instantly without any worry. Follow the steps to withdraw your money.

  • Open the app and go to MENU
  • Click on the first option as shown in the picture
  • You can see I have Rs.3
  • Click on the option shown in the picture
  • As you have sign up with the mobile number it will show your number there so, make sure you enter your Paytm number,
  • Enter the Paytm number and the amount
  • Rs.3 you will get Rs.2.88 some tax will be deducted.

Benefits of Using Mall91 Money91 App.

There are two benefits of using this app. First is you get referral money which can be easily withdrawn. Even Rs.3 can also be withdrawn. And the second thing is Mpoints, the more Mpoints you have the less money you can pay to buy any products. This is the only app that is giving you these many benefits. Other apps ask you to play games or quiz then you can withdraw money and they don’t even have a shopping option. The plus point is you can Shop with less money and at the same time, you can earn money by referring it to your friends.

  • Earn cash by referring
  • Earn Mpoints and pay less while buying any product
  • Do shopping from the app
  • Play Games
  • Can buy a product at Rs.1 also if you have more Mpoints

Trick how you can order unlimited products at a lower cost from Mall91 App

  • You can refer to your friends and earn Mpoints and Money this is the basic thing you already know.

  • Now the tricky part is here just download parallel space or start app cloning.

  • You just have to clone the app and create new accounts.

  • Use your own refer code into the apps which you have cloned.

  • Now you will have more MPoints and Refer bonus.

  • Use that MPoints to buy products at a lower cost.

  • You can easily collect OTP from your friends and family member.

You can withdraw money in the same paytm account every time. This means you do not need a Paytm account for each number. Just one account you can use multiple times.


Mall91 Money91 app is the best app to earn very easily. As we told you, you get earn from the app and also can do shopping. So, from one side earn and from the other side do shopping. Check out the full details of the app in the article.

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