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Mobile Premium League Gaming App. MPL Pro Gaming App Code. Download MPL Pro Gaming App. How to download MPL App? How to Use the MPL Game App? Refer and Earn By MPL App. Earn Cash by MPL Game. Download MPL App apk. MPLapp token coupon code. Download MPL App for Android. How to win MPL PRO every time? Which is the best game in MPL PRO to play? How you can easily refer to more people in MPL PRO? Latest games on MPL PRO? Best tricks for MPL pro? Get MPL pro reward code for free.


Hello, friends, we are back with a new article of refer and earn. We hope you are earning good Cash by playing games. There are few apps which give you real cash if you play the games. Once again we have researched one gaming app, and with that app, you will earn cash. The app is MPL Pro gaming app. This app is new and different from all other apps.
If you stuck at any step please comment below we will help you out Thank You

UPDATE: Now you can earn 25 Rs per refer from MPL PRO. So do not wait and start sharing the MPL Pro app. This offer is for a limited period so make sure to use it before it goes off.

What is Mobile Premium League (MPL) App?

Mobile Premier League is India’s biggest e-sports platform where you can play your favourite games and take part in the tournament and earn cash if you win the game.

So, now we will see all the details of this gaming app. We will explain to you on how to refer and earn cash. On Sign up, you will get Rs. 9 and on each referral you will get Rs. 25. When you Sign up you will also get 20 tokens, which you can use while you are playing the game.

Now, let us see how to download the app, and how to use it?

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MPL Pro Referral Code

If you love to play games then MPL Pro is the best game for you. Just use our MPL Pro Referral Code and download the app on your device. In MPL Pro game you will not only enjoy by playing games but also wins real money. Just participate in your favorite game, play it and earn money easily.

Here is the Download link of MPL PRO

MPL PRO Referral Code: QJYUOD

How To Download MPL Pro MOD APK File?

Yes, you can download MOD APK file of MPL PRO. Follow the steps and download MPL PRO APK MOD File.

You just need to click on the given link to download MPL Pro MOD APK File. DOWNLOAD LINK. Rest all steps are the same.

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How To Download MPL Gaming App?

Before knowing about the Loot offer, first, let us see how to download the app. Follow the steps to download the app.

So there are two apps let me explain it first. There are currently two apps available MPL and MPL PRO. MPL is available on Google Play but MPL PRO is not available on the Google play store as there are some issues with it. But MPL Pro is the best app when you want to earn real cash from it. So we recommend you to download MPL Pro so you can win more cash with it. Without any delay lets jump and check how to download Mobile Premier league.

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How to Download MPL PRO Step by Step Guide

  • First of all click on the given link and download the app.


  • As the download finishes, install the app on your device.
  • Open the app and allow the permission
  • Enter your Phone number and Sign Up
  • Verify your number with the OTP
  • Now Enter the Refer code: If you will use this refer code you will get 9 RS and 20 tokens.
  • Refer code for MPL PRO


  • If you don’t see the Refer code option, then just go ahead.
  • That’s it! You got Rs. 9 for Sign Up and 30 tokens.

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How To Get MPL Unlimited Tokens?

What are MPL PRO tokens you must be wondering about it? Let me explain that very quick MPL Tokens are the coins which will help you to play games in MPL PRO app. If you will not have any tokens than you will be not eligible to play any games and you will not be able to win any cash from MPL app.

You can use these tokens while you are playing games. When you Sign Up you get 30 tokens but what after that? How can you get more tokens? Below, we will show you how can you get more tokens to play the game.

We have written a few methods which will help you to get unlimited tokens for mpl. We have tried all the tricks and we assure you that all tricks are working 100%. Just read all the tricks and do not forget to check out other posts so you can earn more cash.

Method  1: Share Your App Link On Social Media To Earn MPL Pro Tokens

  • Click on the Wallet option
  • There you will see your Name, Cash Balance, MPL Token Balance
  • In MPL Token Balance there is an option of Earn More Tokens, Click on it
  • There you can share your app link with your friends on Whatsapp or other apps.

Method 2: Complete The Task And Earn MPL-Tokens

You can also earn up to 55 Tokens by completing the task. Follow the steps and check what you need to do to earn 55 tokens. 

  • From the home page click on the Wallet option
  • Below the sharing option, you will see Complete Tasks and Earn up to 55 MPL Tokens.
  • On Uploading your Profile picture you will get 10 MPL Tokens
  • Adding your Name will give you 10 MPL Tokens
  • Add your Gender and earn 5 MPL Tokens
  • By adding Date Of Birth earn 5 MPL Tokens
  • Tell your state and get 5 MPL Tokens
  • Complete your KYC and get 5 MPL Tokens
  • You can Withdraw your winning amount byUPI  and earn 5 MPL Tokens
  • And last but not the least Add Money to MPL and earn 10 MPL Tokens

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Method 3: Refer And Earn Unlimited MPL Pro Tokens

Yes, you can also earn MPL Tokens by referring to the app with your friends and family. Follow the steps given below and earn Tokens.

  • First click on the Wallet Option
  • There you will see the option of MPL Token Balance
  • In that, there is an option of Earn More Tokens
  • Click on it and share the link with your friends on Whatsapp and other social apps.
  • When they download the app from your referred link, you will get ONE Token free.

Likewise, the more you refer your link the more you earn Tokens.

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Method 4: Play free games and win MPL pro tokens

In MPL PRO there are many games which you can play with tokens and with cash. But they also give some games to play which is totally free. So we advise you daily you just try and play those games which are free and you will get free MPL pro Tokens from it.

  • Go to the home page and click on any game
  • There scroll down and check whether there is any game free
  • Click on that tournament and select Play for free

Method 5: Best Trick use this and win MPL pro tokens

For this trick, you need one application which you can download from here once you download the app follow below given steps.

  • First, just share your MPL refer the link to any of your friends on WhatsApp.
  • Open the Turbo VPN app which you have downloaded (Download link).
  • Change your location with the help of the app.
  • Click on the link.
  • Wait for few minutes.
  • again close the app which downloaded. (app name)
  • Open MPL PRO app.
  • Boom you have received your tokens.

NOTE: Try this trick only once in 30 minutes. Also, Do not forget to change location everytime you click on the link and before opening app close that app.

So, this is how you can earn MPL Tokens from the app itself. If you want to earn more tokens then share the app link with your friends and family. When they download the app from your link you will get 1 token for each download.

Now, let us see how to play the game and earn the cash.

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You don’t need to root your phone to play MPL game on your device. There are many hacks for the games which are played in the MPL but if you use those hacks your MPL account will get banned. So it is better to play safe games instead of using hacks.

How To Play The Game and Win!

As you can see, Mobile Premium League gives Rs. 9 for Signup and also on each refer. You must share your refer code with all of your friends and family to earn cash.

On the homepage of the game, you will see the list of the games. There are games like Space Breaker, Ninja Jumper, Runner No.1, Fruit Chop, Run Out, Bubble Shooter. You can play any of the game and win amount.

  • Open the app, and click on the game which you want to play
  • There you will see the schedule of the game like, Total Prize, Duration of the game and the Entry charge
  • Choose any from the list and start playing the game.

As there are different games, there are different Entry Charges, different time duration, and different Prize Money. And also there are some of the game which does not charge any token and in those games, you will not win the amount in Prize. Instead of money, you will win Tokens.

How To Make Money From MPL Pro?

You can earn Cash from this gaming app. There are a few ways to earn money and here we will give you details on earning money from MPL game. So, follow the given methods and earn Cash.

Method 1: Sign up And Earn Rs.9 From MPL Pro

When you download the game and Sign Up you will get Rs. 9.

  • First of all download the MPL Pro app
  • Install it and allow the permission
  • Enter your Mobile Number and confirm it with OTP
  • You are done!!
  • You will get Rs. 9 for Sign up.

Method 2: Refer The MPL App And Earn Rs.9

Refer your app link to your friends, family or on social media and earn Rs. 9 for each refer.

  • Open the MPL Gaming App
  • Go to Wallet option and share your link to your friends.
  • When your friends download the app from your link you will get Rs. 9 and one tokens.
  • And when your friends win a game you will also get some amount of cash.

Method 3: play a game and earn money

The main source from which you can earn money from MPL pro is by playing games. There are many games which you can play and earn good amount of cash. So, let me just give you step by step information about how you can earn money from playing games.

  • There are two types of games, from both you can earn money.
  • First, you need to choose you will play with Tokens or Cash
  • Once you enter into the games you will see rank wise earning
  • Try to Score more and you will get cash according to the rank
  • All games have a specific time period. In that time you can play a game many times.
  • Your highest score will be considered for your ranking.
  • After the time limit is over you will receive your cash if you have won the game.
  • You can easily transfer your cash into bank

How To Withdraw Your Money From MPL Game?

As you refer your link with your friends you will get Rs. 9 in your wallet. Now, you can’t withdraw this amount as you need to play a game first with the money and then the amount which you win you can withdraw in your Bank.  So, it is simple to refer your friends to earn amount play a game and win your share from Prize money. So, now let me tell you how can you withdraw your Winning amount.

  • Firstly, open the MPL game then tap on Wallet option.
  • There at the top, you will see the option of Your cash balance with Winning Balance, Cash reward balance, and Deposit balance.
  • Click on withdraw in Winning balance
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Then click on Withdraw
  • Your amount will be credited in Your Bank

So, this is how you can withdraw your winning amount from MPL Wallet.

Play MPL Pro Game And Win Big  Amount.

Mobile Premium League has 13 different types of games. Each of the game has the prize money which you can get by playing the game. Just join any game and win Free Cash. In this game, you can take part in Live tournaments and win real cash. Use your tokens to play the games and win cash.

List Of Games You Can Play In MPL

There are different types of games which you already know. The plus point is if you play these games you will earn cash.

  • Fruit Chop
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Gem Crush
  • Fruit Dart
  • Build Up
  • Monster Truck
  • Run Out
  • Can Jump
  • Ninja Jumper
  • Cricket
  • Flipster
  • Runner No.1
  • Space Breaker

When the app gets updated the games also changes but not all the games.

How to Play Games In MPL PRO?

As there are different types of games in MPL pro and it gets updates and you see new games. So, let us see how to play games in MPL?

Best Alternative of MPL PRO

Check out all these apps which are the best alternative of MPL PRO. If you are already winning a good amount from MPL pro then this will be very easy for you. You just have to install these apps and you are good to go. We will prefer the best apps which we have used and we will recommend you the best apps only. So without wasting time just check below apps.

Bazingaa App

More Details about Bazingaa app and for refer code check click on this link

This is the latest app which is the best alternative of MPL Pro Bazingaa gives 5 rs per refer and you can also play and win with this app. The best thing about this app is. You do not have to pay anything to join leagues. You can play leagues for free and you can withdraw your winning amount in your account easily. For More details please check here.

Swoo Candy Krack

For more details about Swoo Candy Krack click on the link.

Swoo Candy Krack is the new game by Swoo app. Just crack the candies of same color, shape, and size and earn free cash. Refer the app with your friends and earn lives. You can use one life in the game in any level and the points will get double in the next level. This game come thrice in a day and has different Prizemoney. Check out the full post of Swoo Candy Krack on our site. SOLUTION BLOGGER

MGPL Gaming App

For more details about MGPL click on the link

MGPL is the new game like MPL Pro. You can win Cash by playing games on this app. If you don’t want to add money then you can play games with coins also. Just refer your link with your friends and earn coins to play games. There are leagues which run for one week total prizes across leagues are Rs. 3,900.

GameChamp App

GameChamp App is an app same like MPL PRO. You can refer your friends and earn Rs.10 and 15 coins. Coins can be used to play games and earn real cash. And also the refer amount can be used to play games and earn money. There are games like Fruit slash, bubble shooter, Bhaag Ninjaa, Candy Crack, etc. As of now it is the new app hurry up download the app and play games. As it is the new app there are less competitor so you can easily win more money.

For more details click on this link



Finally, we are here at a conclusion. We have explained almost everything about Mobile Premier League (MPL) Pro. We have even shared a few awesome tricks which you will not find anywhere else. So if you like our post please share it with your friends and family and do not forget to check our latest posts.

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