Playerzon App Download | PUBG Tournament | Refer Code | Review

Playerzon app Refer code. How to earn money by playing PUBG? Refer and Earn from Playerzon app? Download Link of Playerzon app? Tips and Tricks about Playerzon app? Earn cash from Playerzon app? PUBG Tournaments list? How to join PUBG tournaments? Join Custom rooms in PUBG?

Download Playerzon App & Refer and Earn 10 RS

Playerzon App Download | PUBG Tournament | Refer Code | Review

Introduction about Playerzon app

Everyone is playing PUBG nowadays. But what if you will start earning money while playing PUBG. With Playerzon app you can earn money while playing PUBG. This is the best app which is giving a good amount to players who plays PUBG. If you are good at PUBG then now no one can stop you to earn good money from PUBG.

In Playerzon app you can join and play tournaments and earn money. It is not free but it is not also hard to win. You just need to do 2 kills to get your entry amount back. From 3rd kill, all will be your bonus. Best thing is that now you can earn money while others will waste their time by playing PUBG.

There are many apps in the market but this app is also giving Refer and Earn money. You can earn 10 RS per refer and 5 RS on signup. You can view other players match so you get to know that there are no cheaters.

The best thing about this app is it will give you separate tournaments for emulator player. So no worries about emulator player for mobile players.

How to Download Playerzon App

These are easy steps which you have to follow to download and install the app. We have also kept our referral code if you will use it you will get 5 RS bonus.

  • First of all download the Playerzon App from the given link.


Playerzon App

  • You can see it is downloading.
  • Once it is downloaded install it.

  • Then Open the app and Tap on Create An Account.
  • Fill in your Name, Username, Email, And create a Password. And click on Register,

  • Then click on Sign In
  • You are successfully registered, now Login with your Username and Password.

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How to use Playerzon app

It is very easy to use. Once you have registered and logged in into the app now you can find the best tournament. Whichever tournament you like you can join. Once you join the tournament you will get ID and Password of room. That will appear before 15 minutes of the match. Now Check below images to understand properly.

  • To Join Tournameents

  • To withdraw Money

  • Add Money

Playerzon app refer and earn

Playzon app refer code>>>    solutionblogger

Playerzon App Download | PUBG Tournament | Refer Code | Review


Play PUBG Tournaments and Earn Real Money or Paytm cash

How to Join PUBG Tournaments

  • To Join PUBG tournaments in Playerzon app you need to register and login into the app
  • On the home screen, you will find so many tournaments.
  • Now according to your needs, you can choose any tournament.
  • Once you click on join it will ask for confirmation.
  • If you do not have enough money in the wallet it will ask you to add.
  • Once you have added money now it will show you that you have successfully joined the tournament.
  • Now you will see in statistics that you have joined the tournament.
  • To get started with a match you need to check the app before 15 minutes of the match.
  • Once you check you will see Room ID and Password.
  • Now check below steps how to join custom rooms?

How to log in or join custom rooms

  • Once you have joined tournament & you got the Room ID and password.
  • Open PUBG Mobile.
  • There you will find Layout like below image.
  • Click on Home or Room Icon below maps.
  • Now Enter the Room ID which you have got.
  • At last enter the password which you have got.
  • Wait until match gets started.

NOTE: You have to wait at least 5 to 10 minutes as match organizer will check and proceed with all players.

How to withdraw money

  • Once the match has finished now wait for results
  • In results, you can see your score and amount
  • Once you see amount into your wallet
  • You can go to withdraw
  • Now you can withdraw your amount
  • Your amount will get credited within 2 days
  • So wait for at least 2 days and you will get your money into your account.

Tips to earn more money from Playerzon app

These all tips are suggested by us only. Which you can try to earn some money. It will be or may not be work for you so do not blame.

  • First thing first check where players are getting down
  • Do not just first jump a bit late and check where all players are
  • Try to get a gun and start attacking players from safe location
  • Keep moving so enemy always stay confused
  • Try to do at least 2 kills so your money will get recovered
  • play bit safe instead of drop looting do drop camping
  • keep in mind there will be a lot of snakes
  • Do not reveal your locations
  • Rush if you think that you will easily get enemies down
  • You only need 140 to 160 bullets per game so do not loot too much
  • In the last circle, throwables will help you a lot.

Playerzon App Full Review

We have many apps in the market or websites to play and win money. But Playerzon is having best features and it is working properly. No scams and No cheating is done in this app. The main motive is to earn money from this app. So if you want to make money then app developer also wants to earn money from it. If you are a good player then you can always win a good amount from it.

F.A.Q. About Playerzon app

Does playerzon app pay money?
Yes, Playerzon app pays money to winners.

How to withdraw money from Playerzon app?
To withdraw money you can directly go on withdraw tab and take your money into paytm wallet.

Is Playerzon legal?
Yes, it is legal.


In the end, we would like to say a few words only. If you are wasting your time by playing PUBG then you should try this app because this app may help you to win some amount from this app. Yes, you will not win every time but if you are a good player you can earn some money. Playzon app is trusted and you can try this app. But in the end, we do not take guarantee of any app.

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