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PPL App. Paisa Premier League Gaming App. Refer and Earn Money from PPL Games. What is PPL Gaming App? How To Use PPL Gaming App? How to play games on PPL Gaming App? Ways to Earn Money from the gaming app? Download PPL App? Tips and Tricks about PPL Gaming app?

Hello, everyone we are back with a new app which is called PPL Gaming App. PPL means Paisa Premier League app. With the help of this app, you can refer and earn money easily. Not only this you can also play and earn money. On this app, there are different games available which you can play and earn money. Here, we will tell you all the best ways to earn money through this app. Nowadays, there are so many refer and earn apps available through which one can easily earn real money. We have made a list of refer and earn on our website which will help you earn money easily, must check out. SOLUTION BLOGGER


There are so many apps like MPL, Qureka, Swoo, Winzo Gold and others which are the easiest way to earn money. Here again we have brought a new app PPL Gaming App. This app is similar to the MPL gaming app. We hope you all have played games on MPL and earn money. Again you have got the great opportunity to earn money from PPL. So, let us start knowing all the details about PPL gaming app.

What is PPL Gaming APP?

Paisa Premier League app is the great platform to showcase your skills based on online games platform where you can play favorite games of your choice and win real cash. In a single app, there are many games available which you can play, win and earn money. At the same time, you can refer this game to your friends and earn Rs.5 per refer.

Paisa Premier League PPL Referral Code

The refer code of PPL gaming app is  sMRbf

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How To Download And Install PPL APK File?

If you also want to easily earn Paytm cash then must download this app, refer it to your friends and earn money. Follow the given steps to download the app on your phone.

  • First of all download the PPL app from the given link


  • Once you download the APK Link, click on Install
    PPL Gaming App
  • Then Open the app
  • Allow the permissions
  • Enter your Mobile Number which is registered to Paytm
  • Click on Request OTP
  • Submit the OTP you get
  • Now Enter the Refer code which we have provided and click on Submit


How To Refer and Earn From PPL?

As this app gives you money to refer your friends let us check out how to refer it to your friends.

Step by Step Guide to Refer your friends.

As we have shown you how to download the app now follow the steps to refer it to your friends.

  • First, open the app
  • Click on Wallet
  • There at the top right corner, you will see Invite and Earn option
  • Open it
  • There you will see your refer code
  • Under that, you will see Whatsapp logo and other apps
  • If you want to share it with your friends through WhatsApp then click on it
  • If you want to share it through other apps then click there.

When you refer it to your friends and they download the app through your link and use your refer code then you will get Rs.5 Bonus cash and 5 tokens. And your friends will get Rs. 1 Bonus cash and 20 Tokens.

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How To Get Unlimited Tokens in PPL?

You might be wondering what are these tokens and where to use it? These tokens help you in playing games and earn real paytm cash. If you don’t have money in your wallet but you have tokens then these tokens will help you to play games and earn money. In short, these Tokens are the coins which help you to play games.

When you Sign Up you get 20 Tokens and when you refer the app to your friends you get 5 Tokens. And there are few tasks available which you need to complete to get unlimited tokens. Let us see how to get more tokens to play games.

Method 1: Share the App Link To Your friends and Earn 5 Token from each friend.

  • Open the app
  • Click on Wallet
  • At the top right corner click on Invite and earn
  • Share your App link to your friend and earn Rs.5 and 5 Tokens per friend.

Method 2: Complete the Tasks and earn Tokens

By completing the tasks you can earn up to 22 Tokens. Rest you can earn by referring the app to your friends.

  • First of all open the app
  • Click on Wallet
  • There you will see Total Token Balance
  • Click on Earn More
  • There you will see Complete tasks and earn extra tokens
  • On uploading your PROFILE PICTURE you will get 5 Tokens
  • Enter your NAME and earn 5 Tokens
  • ADD MONEY And get 2 Tokens
  • Make 1st WITHDRAW and earn 5 Tokens
  • WIN 1st TOURNAMENT and earn 5 Tokens

This is how you can earn extra tokens. And if you complete these tasks and want more tokens then you must refer the link to your friends and earn 5 tokens per refer.

Method 3: Play Free Games Of Tokens And Earn Tokens

In this app, there are games which you can play with money and tokens both. In money games, the cash prize will be money only but in few Token games, the cash prize can be Tokens. So, this is another method to earn tokens.

  • First, open the app
  • Click on any game
  • Check whether the prize is tokens or not
  • Play that game and earn Tokens in winning

How To Play Games And Win?

At present the game is not giving us any money on Sign Up, we just get 20 tokens on Sign Up. But if we refer it to friends we get Rs.5 per each refer. So, what are you waiting for hurry up and refer it to your friends?

When you open the app, on the Homepage you will see a list of games. At present, there are 10 games available, which you can play and earn money by winning the game.

There are games like:

  • Bug Cricket
  • Hopping Bird
  • Monster Kill
  • Stack
  • Sky rush
  • Chicken Run
  • Fruit Smash
  • Escape
  • Stump Out
  • Zombie Rush

Click on any game which you want to play. There you will see the schedule of the game with the entry fee, winning prize, and timing. Choose any and start playing.

  • Select the game and the tournament which you want to play from the dashboard
  • Join the tournament with your Bonus or tokens
  • Now play the game and make a good score
  • According to your rank, you will get money
  • Then the winning amount can be transferred to your Bank account or Paytm.

How To Withdraw the Money From PPL?

As you will refer the app to your friends and earn money you need to withdraw it right? You will play games and win money. So, the winning amount must be withdrawn. Follow the steps and withdraw the money.

  • Open the app
  • Click on Wallet
  • You will see Withdraw option
  • Click on it
  • You can do Bank Transfer or PAYTM
  • The Minimum amount to be transferred is Rs.100.
  • For Bank Transfer KYC is important
  • For Paytm NO KYC needed
  • Paytm Withdrawal is Coming Soon.

Download PPL MOD APK

PPL MOD APK is an earning money app. MOD APK comes with unlimited tips and tricks to earn money by playing games. PPL is a new gaming app with many more games to come in. Play games and compete with other players and win real cash. The PPL Gaming app is similar to MPL PRO.

At present, the MOD APK is not available as soon as the MOD APK is available you will find it in below link.



1. How To Withdraw Money from PPL App?

In PPL app you can withdraw your winning amount. Just play any tournament and win the game. Withdraw that money by visiting the Wallet section > click on Withdraw. You can directly transfer the cash to your bank account or can withdraw it to Paytm. For more details, you can check out the given step above.

2. How To Add Money in PPL?

If you don’t have money in your PPL wallet to play games then you can add money to your wallet and win the cash. Add money by going to the wallet section and then to Deposit cash. There you will see an option of Add More just click on it and Add money to your PPL wallet.

3. Can You Withdraw Bonus Cash?

No, you cannot withdraw the deposit cash or Bonus cash directly. Bonus cash means the money which you get from your referrals. So, that money you need to use to play tournaments and win it. Then you can withdraw the winning amount.

4. For Joining Tournaments is KYC Verification Necessary?

No, KYC Verification is not needed to join the tournaments to play games. KYC verification is needed for withdrawal to Bank. For Paytm also verification is not needed.

Best Alternative to PPL Gaming App.

Mobile Premium League (MPL) App


Mobile Premier League is India’s biggest e-sports platform where you can play your favorite games and take part in the tournament and earn Paytm cash if you win the game.

MGPL Gaming App

For more details about MGPL click on the link

MGPL is the new game like MPL Pro. You can win Paytm Cash by playing games on this app. If you don’t want to add money then you can play games with coins also. Just refer your link with your friends and earn coins to play games. There are leagues which run for one week total prizes across leagues are Rs. 3,900.

Bazingaa App

This is the latest app which is the best alternative of MPL Pro Bazingaa gives 5 rs per refer and you can also play and win with this app. The best thing about this app is. You do not have to pay anything to join leagues. You can play leagues for free and you can withdraw your winning amount in your paytm account easily. For More details please check here.


So, this is it about the game. If it gets updated or something new will come then we will inform you first. Do not waste your time and start making money by playing the games on PPL. As the app is new, there is less competition, so grab this opportunity and make more money.

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