Qunami Pro Refer Code | APK Download | Referral | Invite code

Qunami Trivia App. What is Qunami Trivia App?  What is Qunami Pro? How to download Qunami Pro? Download Qunami Pro APK. Download Qunami Pro Trivia App. Qunami Pro Referral Code. Get Qunami pro invite code. Refer And Earn from Qunami Pro. Earn Paytm Cash by Qunami Pro. APK of Qunami Pro.

Qunami Pro Refer Code | APK Download | Referral | Invite code

Hello, everyone, we are back with a new trivia app. Nowadays, we see there are lots of apps through which we can earn real cash. We have all the apps on our website solutionblogger.com you can check out. Apps like Swoo Trivia, Swoo Bingo, Swoo Candy Crack, Qureka, Loco, MPL Pro. All these apps give you real cash in your Paytm Account. Some of the games are of trivia quiz, in MPL you can play games and earn money, in Swoo play bingo and candy crack and earn Money instantly in Paytm. Here we have got another trivia app which will give you real money. The app name is QUNAMI Pro.

Qunami pro

What is Qunami Pro?

Qunami Pro is a trivia quiz app where you should answer simple questions and earn money. It is a quiz platform which provides an experience with up to 5 players playing together. In the quiz, all questions come in different categories like Science, History, Geography, Entertainments, and much more. So, you can get a better experience in this unique Quiz. Qunami Pro is not available on Play Store so you need to download an APK of it from the given link.

Use Invite Code: nilofarhanshaikhu439


How to Download and Install Qunami Pro?

Download Qunami Pro app on your Android device and earn Paytm cash. Follow the steps to download Qunami Pro.

  • First of all download the APK from the given link.


  • Once it is downloaded install the app. ( if getting the problem then go to settings and turn on Unknown sources)
  • After it is installed, the app will be open
  • Click on Next
    Qunami Pro
  • Now, Sign In with your Facebook or Google account
  • Now, you are ready to play a match. Click on Play Match

Once the app is ready to play, it will first ask you a few questions which you need to answer. Answer the questions you will score points then click on Got It, Proceed.

If you score high score then others then on your screen it will show you YOU WON and your points will be shown. Then click on Play Now.

How To Play And Win Match?

Play the quiz in Qunami pro app and win Money. Follow the given steps to play the match.

  • As you have downloaded the app, open the app.
  • There are two options PLAY NOW and FRIEND BATTLES
  • Click on PLAY NOW
  • You will the options Quick Match and Friends Match.
  • Click on Quick Match.
  • You will get up to five friends. You all need to play the quiz, whoever gets more score will win the match.

As on the page, you can see the meter like thing where it is written Win Up to Rs. 25, Win Up To Rs. 50, Win Up to Rs. 100, Win Up to Rs. 200. If you want to play these games then first you need to unlock it by playing TRIVIA PLAY.  Once you have unlocked it you can play those matches and earn money.

How To Refer And Earn?

As we have shown you how to download and use the app now let us see how to refer it to your friends. Follow the given steps to refer.

  • First of all open the app.
  • Click on the menu which is three lines at the bottom.
  • It will show you options where you need to click on Refer and Earn

  • Now share the link on Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other way like a simple message, Instagram or any.

  • If you have your friends invite code then enter it in the space given.

You can enter my invite code in your app to get Rs.12.

Enter the code nilofarhanshaikhu439

That’s it! you have successfully shared your link to your friends. Now tell them to download it from your link.


This is the app where you can earn by referring your friends. It is an easy way to earn money.

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