Use These Editing Tips To Get Your Colleagues To Actually Be Interested In Your Presentation

Presentations can be a tiring and tedious job, but that still doesn’t reduce their importance. Making a presentation on PowerPoint and presenting it in the same manner that many people have for the longest time might seem a bit mediocre.

This is why InVideo has come up with a photo slideshow maker with music that will jazz up your presentation and make it interesting for anyone you’re presenting to. After all, it’s always better to assimilate all your slideshows in the form of a video and compress them together to make an interactive and interesting way of presenting data and information.

Even if you have to make the presentation for yourself for personal use or for a client, or make a presentation for your colleagues, this slideshow maker provides you with all the tools to make impressive slideshows and presentations. These could be for YouTube intros, Job portals, property, and real estate advertisements, and many other things that you either need to put up on a website or present it to a particular set of people, audience or clientele.

InVideo offers a variety of sizes, resolutions, and formats in which you can make these videos. Depending on where your slideshow video will end up on and what type of platform it is, select a format, and get going!

Here are a few tips you can use to edit your slideshows and make them so interactive that your colleagues end up learning from them and appreciating them.

Put together scenes

This slideshow maker works on the basis of short, 2-5 second clips that are all bunched together in one single presentation. However, that is just one way to go about it. You could also make use of longer videos and make your scene accordingly.

Using InVideo, you can edit each scene separately according to your required speed, audio, sound effects, and other elements. After you put in all important elements in separate short clips, you can create a slideshow out of them by going to the ‘media’ option and adding your scenes.

You can also adjust the duration of the clip. All these features can be found on the bottom bar right above the videos you have selected. Towards the right-hand side, you can edit the video’s playback speed and animation as well.

Putting together scenes is based on a video editor’s visual judgment. It is only after editing videos consistently does one learn what looks good, what suits the brand better, and what unnecessary content can be eliminated from the video. This skill is highly important since it is becoming increasingly difficult to persuade people to be interested in your presentations due to the amount of content available out there.

Add some catchy music

Depending on the tone of your presentation, you can insert music in your slideshow. To do this, you can select one slideshow at a time, and you will find an option to put music in the background. The music here has many variations and options across categories like Angry, Emotional, Electric, Bright, and so on.

Audience Listening To Presentation At Conference

After you select one category, you can edit its duration and how long you want the audio to be in the video. After doing so, there is also an option to add your own audio in a horizontal bar below the preview. You also have the option of uploading your own audios to insert in the video if you don’t want to use the available options.

While doing so, make sure you do not go overboard with the music so much so that it overshadows the rest of the content in your video. Learn to strike a balance between all these tools to use them to the best of your advantage rather than bombarding the viewer with a video that is heavily concentrated on only one element.

Use appropriate text

Remember, this is a slideshow video presentation, and just like any other presentation, it should include fewer words and should be heavier on the visual side. Make sure that the text you use is concise, to the point, and says only what is necessary.

A very long paragraph or excessive text will put off your colleagues. In a video where a single slide is shown for only about 5 seconds, the text shouldn’t be very difficult to read due to its length. Also, remember that the whole reason you are making a video is to increase the visual appeal of your content. Most users don’t like reading long, complicated paragraphs and would prefer having videos with animations, graphics, and voiceovers to make them more interesting.

Choosing the correct font is also equally important, even though it may not seem so. Typography is continuously developing and growing. Different fonts indicate different moods and send different messages. Make sure your font is in line with the tone of the video, and these two always match each other.

Apart from this, the text options are available through a variety of fonts and styles. You can select one according to the tone of your presentation. Some options include classic, modern, and even social media templates.

Incorporate creative shapes

InVideo has a variety of shapes available like lines, solid figures, and transparent structures. You can use them in each slide and keep them at a fixed position with either text or an image on top of it. Here, shapes could be the one thing that is consistent in your slideshows throughout. This gives it a more visual appeal and can be used for logos as well.

Just like you insert logos in every slide, you could use these shapes too. But make sure that the element that you use this shape with, be it text or an image, is constant throughout the whole presentation so as not to disrupt the continuity of the presentation.


There are also various paid options available on the website where you can access premium content like templates. If you are a professional that needs to make short, interesting slideshows on a regular basis, this could work best for you. There are many personalized options that you can use to your advantage, like uploading different files and using them on pre-existing templates.

InVideo has many other options, just like these, to make sure you ace your presentation, making it the best free online video editor in the market. It is very useful in attracting the attention of your colleagues. These videos are also very quick to make and easy to handle, so they can be completed in a very short time. This means that these features work very well, especially when you have a deadline to meet.

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