What newbies need to understand about Video Email Marketing

Video is by far the most engaging form of content. Brands of all types and sizes use videos for marketing themselves on every platform possible. If you want to increase your brand awareness in the digital age, you need to implement a solid video marketing strategy. Vidyard can help you do this.

Email marketing is an integral part of an effective content marketing strategy. However, videos have proven to engage more viewers and increase leads than emails with text. This article will give you the gist of video email marketing.

Why use video emails?

In a nutshell, videos do more to engage your prospects, generate leads, and convert them. However, here are some specific reasons why you should consider using video email marketing:

Getting through to your prospects is easy

As mentioned, videos get more traction than other forms of content. Viewers are more likely to watch videos than reading blog posts or look at images. If you want your prospects to open and check your email, your best shot to do this is by engaging them. Videos are known to do this the best.

What newbies need to understand about Video Email Marketing

Save heaps of time

With video emails as part of your strategy, you no longer have to construct well-detailed text-based emails to simplify complicated topics. You can break down those topics and make them understandable using videos and use your time to churn out more content.

Build trust

Building trust is one of the most significant points in videos’ favour. You can only send your prospect so much written or graphic content to gain their trust. Chances are you will not get very far. Instead, use videos to build trust.

Videos are compelling because the viewers can see and hear you, and base their decision on what you say and how you say it. In other words, you can show them that you are real. If you want to convert leads and get new ones, focus on building a rapport with your viewers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) loves videos

As mentioned, videos gain traction, which is what you need to drive traffic to your page. You need to solidify your SEO game if you want to boost your traffic and get leads. In other words, you must rank high on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Optimizing your page and content for SEO will help you boost your traffic. Including videos in your emails improves your Google search ranking.

Market your brand like wildfire

Videos are viral, which means you can expect your videos to be shared at scale if they are valuable or evoke emotions or both. If people like what they see, chances are they will visit your site or channel and pick up a product.

What can you do to optimize your video marketing strategy?

As you can see, using video email can do wonders. Here are a few things you can do to make the best of your video email marketing strategy:

Create stellar videos

While your content has to be fantastic, you cannot afford to skimp out on the production. Be sure to invest in quality equipment to get excellent results. You will need to get a stellar DSLR camera or a phone that has a high-quality camera. Besides this, invest in a high-quality external audio recorder and a video editor. Also, make sure you shoot your videos in natural light and supplement it with a lighting system.

Consider using your videos as bonus content for mailing list subscribers

Have too much to post but not sure where to post it? Use your videos as incentives to get people to subscribe to your mailing list. Once they subscribe, send them a video email with your content and thank them for subscribing. Going the extra mile can do you a lot of good.

Besides this, you may add videos to your newsletters and keep your prospects updated. They are more likely to check each newsletter if you include a video.

Do not forget to add a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Including a CTA in your mail is vital to get the best results out of video email marketing. You need to issue a CTA to encourage your viewers to take action and spread your content on their respective social media handles. Be sure to issue a crystal clear, actionable CTA at the beginning or end of the video. The most commonly used CTAs are subscribing to your channel, like and share, purchasing a product, visiting your website, and so forth.

Make sure your videos are not on autoplay

Most people do not appreciate videos on autoplay. Many of them are likely to consume your content in public places or during commute hours, and allowing them to choose to go to the next video is essential.

Send your prospects testimonials and reviews

You believe in your brand and content. However, you need them to believe in it too. If you want your prospects to pick up your products or services, you need to show them that your product or service is useful and beneficial to them. You can do this by posting videos of customers who have good things to say about your product or service. In other words, you are building social proof to convert new leads.

Keep it simple

Keep your videos short and simple. While long videos are useful, they do not work well in emails. Keep them simple, straightforward, and to the point to get the most engagement.

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