Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

How to download Zupee Gold app. Best way to earn with Zupee Gold app. Refer Code for Zupee Gold app. Tips and Tricks of Zupee gold app. How to win every time in Zupee Gold. Refer and Earn via Zupee Gold app. Download Mod apk of Zupee gold app.

Hellow fellows, If you are here then you must be interested to know about Zupee Gold app. Today we will explain to you everything about Zupee Gold App. Just go below and start reading our post.

Zupee Gold App – Get 5 Rs on Sign Up and 25 on refer

This app will give you 5 Rs when you sign up and enter someone’s referral code. If you do not have any then you can use our Referral code 67pfhcm. As soon as you enter and redeem this refer code you will get 5 Rs. Once you are done with it and you add 25 Rs into your wallet you will get 50 Rs total into your wallet means 25 RS extra. Same your referrer will get only if you add 25 RS into the wallet. For more info, let’s check the whole blog.

What is Zupee Gold?

You must be knowing the LOCO app or Qureka app. That was the starting of all these things. In those apps on a specific time, you get live trivia quiz. You can participate in those quiz and if you answer all answer correctly then you get a share from winning amount. Like that Zupee Gold is doing. But in Zupee Gold you have to register first then only you can play that quiz. Here you can win a big amount. Questions are easy and it is depending on how fast you answer. According to your answer, you get rank and according to rank you get winning the prize. That was pretty much for this app.

How you can download Zupee Gold app?

To Download the Zupee Gold App on your device follow the given steps.

  • First, download the app from the given link.


  • Once it is downloaded, Install the app

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • Then Sign In with Google Id. And click on Allow

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • Now, select the language English or Hindi

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • Then You will be on Dashboard
  • You got Free 2 Tickets to play Zupee Quiz.

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • That’s it!

This is how you can download the app and start playing Quiz.

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How to Register on Zupee Gold App?

As you have downloaded the app and you are Sign In with your Gmail ID, now register your Paytm Mobile Number.

  • Open the App and Click on the Menu Which is at the top right corner

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • Tab on MY PROFILE

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • Enter details like Name, Username, Email, Paytm mobile number and Language

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • Click on Save.

Refer Code for Zupee Gold?

The refer Code for Zupee Gold is 67pfhcm

  • Open the app and click on Menu
  • There you will see the option of Refer and Earn
  • Click on it and enter the

    REFER CODE 67pfhcm

How to Redeem Refer amount from Zupee Gold?

  • Open the app and click on My Wallet
  • There are three options Play Money, Winnings and Bonus Money

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • You can Redeem from Winnings
  • Once you click on Winnings you will see Add Play Money and Withdraw
  • Click on Withdraw and choose the payment method

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • Enter the amount and check the mobile number

    Zupee Gold APP (APK) Download for Android | Refer Code | Tips | MOD

  • Click on Redeem or Withdraw Money.

How to Withdraw money from Zupee Gold App?

  • Open the app and click on My Wallet which is beside the Menu
  • There you will see three options Play Money, Winnings, and Bonus Money
  • You can withdraw money from Winnings.
  • And under that, you will see two options Add Play Money and WITHDRAW
  • Click on Withdraw and choose the method Paytm or Mobikwik
  • Then enter the amount and check out verified mobile number of Paytm or Mobikwik
  • Now, click on Withdraw Money.

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Join Tournaments on Zupee Gold App?

  • You can play a tournament of your choice on Zupee Gold and win Real Paytm Cash. All the tournaments have their timings, so open the app and check out the tournament and the time.
  • Choose any one tournament, register on it and give the answer of simple questions to win Real cash.
  • The faster you give the answer the more you score.

Video Tutorial is here

Tips and Tricks about Zupee Gold?

  • You can earn 3 tickets on each refer so refer as many friends as you can.

  • Try to play games or quiz which are easy to win.

  • You have to give the answer fastest to score more and win.

  • If an offer comes for 100% cashback deposit then deposit amount. So it will be free for you.

  • Try to play with your friends so you can get all the answer easily.

  • Play true-false quiz so it will be an easy win.

  • As soon as you reach 75 rs withdraw your amount.

  • Make sure your paytm KYC is completed.

Alternatives of Zupee Gold

F.A.Q about Zupee Gold App

Do Zupee Gold Pays real Money?

Yes, it will give you real money which you can withdraw easily. You need a paytm account with KYC completed.

How we can hack Zupee Gold APP?

Currently, there are no hacks and please play fair win more do not hack it will ruin this app.

Can we win every time in Zupee Gold?

Yes, why not. There are games like everyone wins play that and win a good amount every time.

How much money we can earn from this app?

It depends how much time you give but you can easily win 500 or more per month.

Why we should use this app to Earn paytm cash?

There are many apps which you can use. As we have one list for all refer and earn apps you can check and win a good amount every month.


Here we have given information about Zupee Gold app. Everything is almost included but if you want to know more you can ask us by commenting or question at our solution page.

Like every blog post, we are here at conclusion. We just want you to explain that this is one another way to earn paytm cash. You can win the nominal amount from this app. We can not lie that you will win 5000 or more from this app. If you use all earning apps like this or which we are using then you can win more than 2000 a month. But for that, you will have to invest your time. Daily at least 1 hour. So that was all about free paytm cash. Add one more app on your phone if you are interested.

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